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Enzan-Takemori, Koshu city, Yamanashi pref., Japan

"No Trespassing" sign was erected


Pneumatolytic deposit

Alpine fissures in hornfels. The protolith of the hornfels is shale of the accretionary complex, Kobotoke Group of Shimanto Belt. The shale is subjected to Albite-Epidote-hornfels facies metamorphism by Miocene granodiorite, Tokuwa type of Kofu Granodioritic Complex. Approximately 1 km apart from granodiorite of Tokuwa type, the heat source.

Reported Minerals

Mineral Assemblages

  • Quartz - Anatase - Brookite - Rutile
  • Quartz - Muscovite - Dravite
  • Quartz - Sulphur
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