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Hydrothermal Deposit along Fault

Chemical Process (Liquid-phase Growth) - Open system under ground

Required Geological Setting


Associated metasomatic zones

Cristobalite zone, Smectite zone


Deposit formed along large scale faults by hydrothermal fluid less than 50 degree. Origin of hydrothermal fluid is meteoric water, and/or seawater. This type of deposits is formed along faults whereas Hot spring deposit is formed at shallow circumstances by the same hydrothermal fluid less than 50 degree. Minerals deposited depend on characteristics of hydrothermal fluid reflecting geological settings of faults. Host of deposits are hosts of faults and fault gauge. It is considered that the deposit may shift to cataclasite or mylonite in the deeper level in some cases.

Hydrothermal Deposit along Fault

Distribution of hydrothermal deposits along faults described in this site. Yellow lines are large scale faults recognized as tectonic lines.

Mineral Assemblages (Acidic)


Mineral Assemblages (Neutral)


Mineral Assemblages (Alkaline)

Dolomite, Siderite, Dawsonite

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