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Kami-Sano, Nambu city, Minami-Koma county, Yamanashi pref., Japan

The locality is a natural monument of Yamanashi prefecture and closed to collecting.



Phenocryst of the early Pliocene (4 Ma) basaltic to calc-alkali andesitic dikes intruded in the early Miocene (18 Ma) granite porphyry of the Sanogawa complex in the early Pliocene (5 Ma) Toshima Bed of Minobu Formation, Fujikawa Group. Ages of sedimentary rocks were determined by microfossils.


Outcrop of the diopside-bearing basalt dike in the Sanogawa complex. Pebble-like grains in the photograph is euhedral crystals of diopside. The maximum crystal is more than 30 mm. The dark brown matrix is weathered basalt.

Reported Minerals

Mineral Assemblages

  • Andesite(Host) - Diopside - Pyrite
  • Andesite(Host) - Hornblende
  • Sandstone(Host) - Stilbite-Ca - Chabazite-Ca


  • Hachijo Island (Lava, Anorthite)
  • Miyake Island (Lava, Anorthite)
  • Hawaii (Lava, Forsterite)
  • Toge (Lava, Kaersutite)
  • Kamisano (Dike, Diposide)

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