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Basalt Vesicules

Chemical Process (Vapor-phase Growth) - Closed system under ground

Required Geological Setting

Island arc volcanoes, Intra-oceanic arc volcanoes


Minerals in vesicules of basalts. Gas components in basalt magma is released in the cooling process of lava, and they form open spaces as vesicules in basalts. Minerals are observed in vesicules as euhedral crystals grown from gas or liquid in vesicules. As basalts have low viscosity, vesicules are usually flat elongated to the direction of the flow.

Basalt Vesicules

Distribution of basalt vesicules described in this site. Yellow lines are volcanic fronts.

Early stage (Host sides) >> Late stage (Center of visicules)

Augite >> Pargasite+Ilmenite >> Phlogopite+Ilmenite >> Hypersthene >> Magnetite

Plagioclase+Augite >> Augite+Ilmenite >> Cristobalite+Ilmenite >> Hypersthene >> Magnetite

Thomsonite >> Phillipsite >> Chabazite >> Calcite

Gyrolite >> Gyrolite+Analcime >> Gyrolite+Analcime+Apophyllite >> Gyrolite+Analcime+Thomsonite >> Gyrolite+Natrolite >> Pectolite >> Calcite

Calcite >> Chabazite+Phillipsite >> Gonnardite >> Thomsonite >> Natrolite >> Chabazite >> Gismondine


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