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Prehnite-Pumpellyite facies Bedded Mn Deposit

Bedded Manganese Deposit + Prehnite-Pumpellyite facies


Metamorphosed Manganese Deposit, Metamorphosed Bedded Manganese Deposit

Required Geological Setting

Accretionary complexes

Accretionary complexes + Middle-P metamorphic rocks

Accretionary complexes + Low-P metamorphic rocks


Bedded manganese deposit subjected to Prehnite-Pumpellyite facies regional metamorphism.

Prehnite-Pumpellyite facies Bedded Mn Deposit

Distribution of Prehnite-Pumpellyite facies Bedded Manganese Deposits described in this site.


  • Okura Mine (Chichibu belt, Jurassic)
  • Agano Mine (Chichibu belt, Jurassic)
  • Kamado Mine (Chichibu belt, Jurassic)
  • Naguri Mine (Chichibu belt, Jurassic)
  • Yamanaka Mine (Chichibu belt, Jurassic)
  • Masutomi Mine (Koma Group, Miocene)
  • Ochiai Mine (Koma Group, Miocene)
  • Tomisato Mine (Koma Group, Miocene)
  • Inago Mine (Tanzawa Group, Miocene)
  • Takamatsu Mine (Tanzawa Group, Miocene)
  • Dainichi Mine (Tanzawa Group, Miocene)

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