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List of geological units in Chiba prefecture

A list of stratigraphic units, igneous bodies, and geological structures reported from Chiba prefecture, Kanto region, Honshu island, Japan.

Photographs of geological units in Chiba prefecture

Permian (298.9-252.17 Ma)
Takagami Conglomerate
Jurassic (201.3-145.0 Ma)
Atagoyama Unit
Kurohae Formation
Cretaceous (145.0-66.0 Ma)
Choshi Group
Nagasakihana Formation
Toriakeura Formation
Inubozaki Formation
Kimigahama Formation
Ashikajima Formation
Kuroiwa formation
Eocene - Miocene
Mineoka Belt
Mineoka Group
Haccho Formation
Enokibatake Formation
Shirataki Formation
Oligocene - Miocene
Hota Group
Kojima Formation
Ezuki Formation
Aokiyama Formation
Masuma Formation
Furubo Formation
Takatsuru Formation
Nabuto Formation
Emi Formation
Furubo Sandstone and Volcanic rock formation
Takatsuruyama Tuffaceous rock formation
Miocene (23.03-5.33 Ma)
Meotogahana Formation
Senninzuka Formation
Ok tuff bed
Am5 pumice bed
Miocene - Pliocene
Miura Group
Amatsu Formation
Kominato Tuff Member
Mane Mudstone Member
Kinone Formation
Sakuma Formation
Okuzure formation
Okuyama formation
Nakaobara formation
Hagyu Formation
Inakozawa Formation
Senhata Formation
Koura Formation
Iwaibukuro Formation
Ishido Formation
Haraoka Formation
Kohama Formation
Azuma Formation
Nishizaki Formation
Pliocene (5.33-2.58 Ma)
Miura Group
Anno Formation
Kunawa Sandstone Member
Kiyosumi Formation
Kagamigaura Formation
Hedate Formation
Inubo Group
Naarai formation
Inubo Group
Naarai Formation
Chikura Group
Shiramazu Formation
Shirahama Formation
Nojimazaki Conglomerate Member
Sakahata formation
Hk tuff bed
SH tuff bed
KY1 tuff bed
An-6 tuff bed
Kr tuff bed
Inubo Group
Toyosato Formation
Kurahashi Formation
Yokone Formation
Obama Formation
Kasuga Formation
Chikura Group
Mera Formation
Rendaiji Conglomerate Member
Kanamari formation
Pleistocene (2.58- 0.01Ma)
Chikura Group
Hata Formation
Nagaogawa Sandstone Member
Kazusa Group
Kongochi Formation
Tsurumai subgroup
Sunami formation
Sanuki formation
Nagahama formation
Kasamori Formation
Mandano Formation
Akimoto subgroup
Iwasaka formation
Awakura formation
Higashihigasa formation
Chonan Formation
Ichijiku Formation
Kakinokidai Formation
Kokumoto formation
Umegase formation
Seki subgroup
Takamizo formation
Tomiya formation
Takeoka formation
Otadai Formation
Kiwada Formation
Ohara Formation
Namihana Formation
Katsuura Formation
Kurotaki Formation
Toyofusa Group
Takigawa Formation
Higashinagata Formation
Kamo Formation
Iioka formation
Toyooka formation
Shimosa Group (Narita group)
Joso Formation
Ryugasaki formation
Anesaki Formation
Kioroshi Formation (Narita formation)
Sakurai shell bed
Toyonari shell bed
Yokota Formation
Kiyokawa Formation (Kamiiwahashi Formation, Narita Formation))
Kamiizumi Formation
Yabu Formation
Jizodo Formation
Semata formation
Morozaki formation
Izumiyatsu formation
Higashiyatsu formation
Katori Formation
Naruto formation
Kanto loam formation
Tachikawa loam bed
Musashino loam bed
Shimosueyoshi loam bed
Tokyo pumice bed (TP)
Miura pumice bed (MP)
Obaradai pumice bed (OP)
Ontake-1 pumice bed (Pm-1)
Sanshoku Ice pumice bed (SIP)
TAu-12 tuff bed
Kd8 tuff bed
Kd7 tuff bed
Kd18 tuff bed
Kd38 tuff bed
U9 tuff bed
U6 tuff bed
Ku3 tuff bed
Ka1 tuff bed
Ks tuff bed
Yb2 tuff bed
Yb3 tuff bed
Yb3 tuff bed (SY tuff bed, Semata pumice bed)
J4 tuff bed
J5 tuff bed
J6 tuff bed
J7 tuff bed
J8 tuff bed
J9 tuff bed
J10 tuff bed
J11 tuff bed
Aira-Tn tuff bed (AT)
KmP-5 tuff bed
KmP-1 pumice bed
Sanshokuki pumice bed (SP)
CCP-1 pumice bed
Kn-1 tuff bed
TE-5 tuff bed
GOP1 tuff bed (Gomashio-1 pumice bed)
TB-8 tuff bed
TAm-5 tuff bed
Tanzawa-garnet Pumice Bed (Tn-GP)
Holocene (0.01-0 Ma)
Kaizuka shell bed
Mobara shell bed
Numa formation
Investigation in progress
TM1 tuff bed
TM2 tuff bed
TM3 tuff bed
AM83 tuff bed
O7 tuff bed
Nakahara formation (Koduka formation)
Emi group
Ichiibara formation
Hata formation
Emi formation
Yoshiura formation
Magarimatsu tuff bed
Utono formation
Sorogawa formation
Higata shell bed
Nakura formation
Takiguchi formation
Geological structures
Kurotaki unconformity
Tokyo bay unconformity
Flower park anticline
Bentendo syncline
Merahama syncline
Nokogiriyama syncline