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Producing Copper (Cu)

Cu: Copper

This element is known from ancient ages.

Abundance: 68ppm(in the earth's crust)

Method 1

Keep lead over the melting point.


Copper having higher melting point separated and float on the surface.

Method 2

Heat Iron-copper sulfide such as (chalcopyrite) at the temperature to oxidize only iron.

2CuFeS2 + 3O2 right 2CuS + 2FeO + 2SO2 right


Heat at 1100 Cersius by adding calcite, quartz, and sulfide (chalcopyrite).

CuS + S(in sulfide ore) + O2 right Cu2S + SO2 right


Copper sulfide is deposited, and iron oxide is separated by absorbing in slag.

CaCO3 + SiO2 right CaSiO3 + CO2 right

CaSiO3 + FeO + SiO2 right 2(Fe,Ca)SiO3


Take deposited copper sulfide, and blow air.

Cu2S + O2 right 2Cu + SO2 right


If necessary, apply electrodialysis to the solution of sulfuric acidand copper sulfate.


Recover gold, silver, and platinum from deposited impurities.

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