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Producing Platinum (Pt)

Pt: Platinum

This element is known from ancient ages.

Abundance: 0.01ppm(in the earth's crust)

Pt is included in platinum placer, nickel sulfide and copper sulfide (chalcopyrite).

Pt is recovered from electric smelting residue of copper.

Pt is recovered from residue of palladium refinement.


Dissolve in aqua regia.

3Pt + 4NO3(-) + 18Cl(-) + 22H(+) right 2H2PtCL6 + 4NO + 8H2O


By adding sodium hydroxide, only Pt remains in solution and other chemical components deposit.

2Na(+) + PtCl6(2-)


Add ammonium chloride.

PtCl6(2-) + 2NH4(+) right (NH4)2PtCl6


Refine by re-crystallization of yellow deposit.


Heat it.

(NH4)2PtCl6 right Pt + NH3Cl right + H2 right

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