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Hachijo island

Sueyoshi, Hachijo city, Tokyo, Japan


Lower right crystal: 5 mm long. Dispatched forsterite. Forsterite crystals are brownish-green prisms, and the crystal at the lower right is terminated with pyramidal faces.

Recovered from phenocrysts of basalt of an oceanic arc. Formed in the Late Pleistocene (25 ka).

Forsterite from this location was described in 1916.

Other localities

  • Hachijo Island (Placer, Olivine Sand)
  • Hawaii (Placer, Olivine Sand)
  • Lake Kuttara (Basaltic andesite, Granular)
  • Usami (Andesite, Granular)
  • Hayama Mine (Peridotite, Granular)
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