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Sakura-Tenmangu shrine

Hietano village, Kameoka city, Kyoto pref., Japan

IMA approved name

Muscovite or paragonite pseudomorph after indialite and cordierite


Diameter: 5 mm. Dispatched cerasite. The hexagonal prism is cerasite. Cerasite is cordierite and indialite crystals replaced by muscovite or paragonite. There is a hexagonal prism of indialite at the center of the cerasite, and cordierite grew over the indialite core. Indialite is a hexagonal dimorph of cordierite and is stable at higher temperature than cordierite. Tiny hexagon at the center of cerasite is indialite, and the surrounding parts are cordierite.

Recovered from hornfels formed by hornblende-hornfels facies contact metamorphism of S-type (Ilmenite-series) granodiorite. Formed in the Late Cretaceous (95 Ma).

These crystals had been used as a charm. Cerasite from this location was described in 1894.

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