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Metasomatic sulphur deposit

Chemical Process (Alteration) - Open system under ground (Acidic metasomatism)


Metasomatic sulfur deposit, Impregnated metasomatic sulphur deposit, Impregnated metasomatic sulfur deposit

Required Geological Setting

Metasomatic rocks (Acidic)


Sulphur deposit associated with Rhyolitic magma activities. Sulphur replaces dacite to andesite lava. Deposits are layered to massive form in lava flows, and covered with younger lava flows. Deposits are associated with various acidic metasomatc rocks. Plagioclase and mafic minerals such as pyroxenes, hornblende, and forsterite in the host rock are dissolved away. A part of Fe in pyroxenes and hornblende are combined with sulphur to be pyrite and/or marcasite.

Metasomatic sulphur deposit

Distribution of Metasomatic sulphur deposits described in this site. Yellow lines are volcanic fronts.

Mineral Assemblages

  • Sulphur, Pyrite, Marcasite, Alunite, Cristobalite, Quartz, (Baryte)


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