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Dry condition

Dip the plant in water for a short time and dry naturally.

[ Dipping ] Put the plant in water for a few - 10 seconds, then lift it from the water.

[ Intervals ] Every 4 - 5 days.

[ Timeframe ] At night between sunset and sunrise. In case it is necessary to do in the daytime for some reasons, place the waterbath in shade.

[ Water ] Fresh tap water. Diluted liquid fertilizer may be added once every two.

[ Water temperature ] Avoid too low (less than 15 dgree C) and too high (higher than 25 degree C) temperature.

[ Drying ] After dipping, turn the plant upside down and shake them to remove excess water at the growing point and inside of the rosette. Then dry it naturally by hanging or placing, preferably upside down, on the mesh in the shade. Usually it takes 1 - 6 hours to dry perfectly.

[ Important points ]

Wet plants must be dried half a day in the shade. Wet leaves are unrecoverably damaged by exposing to strong light.

In case the shortage of water is recognized by such signs as tightly recurved leaves and wrinkled leaf sheaths., try the weaker light intensity condition or the more wet condition