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List of geological units in Tokyo metropolis

A list of stratigraphic units, igneous bodies, and geological structures reported from Tokyo metropolis, Kanto region, Honshu island, Japan.

Photographs of geological units in Tokyo metropolis

Gozenyama formation
Chichibu belt (Chichibu group)
Unazawa formation
Hikawa formation
Permian (298.9-252.17 Ma)
Onari formation?
Chichibu belt
Middle Chichibu belt
Southern Chichibu belt
Kumotoriyama group
Aoiwa formation
Nanatsuishiyama formation
Nippara formation
Shiraiwayama formation
Shiromaru formation
Triassic (252.17-201.3 Ma)
Oguno formation
Jurassic (201.3-145.0 Ma)
Kawai formation
Itsukaichi formation
Tamagawa group
Otaki group
Cretaceous (145.0-66.0 Ma)
Torinosu limestone
Masutomi group
Shimanto Belt
Northern Shimanto belt
Ogochi Group
Kosode formation
Nakayama formation
Kamozawa formation
Funekubo formation
Kurakake formation
Kobotoke Group
Kobuse Formation
Shimanto belt
Kobotoke group
Sasano formation
Kawanori formation
Miocene (23.03-5.33 Ma)
Itsukaichimachi group
Ajiro formation
Yokozawa member
Takao member
Ina member
Tateya member
Kosho member
Tanzawa group (Misaka group)
Pliocene - Pleistocene
Kazusa Group (Kitatama group)
Sayama Formation
Yatsu Clay Member
Mitsugi Conglomerate Member
Dedana Formation
Inagi Formation
Renkoji Formation
Oyamada Formation
Hirayama Formation
Oyabe Formation
Terada Formation
Takatsu Formation
Iimuro Formation
Ikuta formation
Hanno formation
Yaoroshi tuff bed
Kasumi formation
Bushi formation
Edogawa Formation
Toneri Formation
Higashikurume Formation
Kitatama Formation
Kiwada Formation
Pleistocene (2.58- 0.01Ma)
Tokyo Formation
Tsurumi formation
Setagaya Formation
Musashino Gravel Bed
Kasumi formation
Gotentoge Formation
Imokubo Formation
Kanto Loam
Tachikawa Loam
Musashino Loam
Shimosueyoshi Loam (Kissawa loam bed)
Tama loam bed
Tsuchihashi loam bed (Tsuchiya loam bed, Nanakunitoge loam bed)
Tama-II loam bed
Upper member (Soda formation, Maioka formation)
Middle member (Fujisawa formation, Nishine formation)
Lower member (Shimoniwa formation)
Tama-I loam bed (Zasshoku loam bed, Sannodai loam bed)
Kanekosaka loam bed
Sanshoku Ice pumice bed (SIP)
KIP6 pumice bed
KIP7 pumice bed
KIP8 pumice bed
Ontake-1 pumice bed (Pm-1)
Obaradai pumice bed (OP, Kuriyokan pumice bed, KuP)
Oya pumice bed (Kmp-7)
Oyako pumice bed
Tokyo pumice bed (TP)
Aira-Tn pumice bed (AT, Tanzawa pumice bed, Tn)
Aoiro scoria bed (BCVA)
Miura pumice bed (MP)
Black band bed (BB)
Black band-2 bed (BB)
UG tuff bed
Biotite bed (BP)
Biotite bed (BA)
Nisemitsukumi pumice bed
Mitsukumi pumice bed
Bokeyotsu pumice bed
Hachioji biotite pumice bed (HBP)
Gomashio pumice bed
Gomashio-I pumice bed
Gomashio-II pumice bed
Doran pumice bed
Bireleys pumice bed
Uwabami pumice bed
Oshinuma formation
Onita formation
Tachikawa formation
Shimosa group
Toyooka formation
Narimasu formation
Yamanote formation
Tokyo conglomerate formation
Akabane clay formation
Akabane formation
Narita group
Byobugaura formation
Totohara formation
Nanagochi Formation
Yurakucho Formation
Holocene (0.01-0 Ma)
Tokumaru shell bed
Oji shell bed
Tabata shell bed
Takinogawa shell bed
Izu-Oshima volcano
Old Oshima group
New Oshima group
Yuba formation (New-III stage)
Y1 member
Y2 member
Y3 member
Y4 member
Y5 member
Y6 member
Nomashi formation (New-II stage)
N1 member
N2 member
N3 member
N4 member
Sashikiji formation (New-I stage)
S2 member
S1 member
Izu-Oshima 2013 Lahar Deposit
Izu-Oshima S2-c Lahar Deposit
Investigation in progress
Ibashi formation
Nakadai formation
Haijima formation
Hino formation
Ekoda formation
Johoku formation
Komiya formation
Tokorozawadai formation
Shirakogawa formation
Aoyagi formation
Shimosueyoshi formation
Mitosan granodiorite
Izu-Oshima volcano
Anei lava
Showa lava
Geological structures
Butsuzo tectonic line