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List of geological units in Okinawa prefecture

A list of stratigraphic units, igneous bodies, and geological structures reported from Okinawa prefecture, Ryukyu islands, Japan.

Photographs of geological units in Okinawa prefecture

Ishigaki group
Permian (298.9-252.17 Ma)
Tonaki formation
Jurassic (201.3-145.0 Ma)
Tomuru Formation
Fusaki formation
Southern Chichibu Belt
Iheya Unit
Maedake Formation
Tana Formation
Ie Unit
Cretaceous (145.0-66.0 Ma)
Southern Chichibu Belt
Motobu Unit
Hedomisaki Formation
Motobu Formation
Nakijin Formation
Yonamine Formation
Wakugawa Formation
Northern Shimanto Belt
Nago Formation
Eocene (56.0-39.0 Ma)
Miyara formation
Nosoko formation
Southern Shimanto Belt
Kayo Formation
Yamagusuku formation
Shimajiri group
Ogami formation
Miocene (23.03-5.33 Ma)
Yaeyama Group
Iriomote Formation
Aradake formation
Pliocene (5.33-2.58 Ma)
Aka formation
Maja formation
Shimajiri Group
Yonabaru Formation
Oroku member
Tomigusuku Formation
Uegusukudake formation
Uegusuku formation
Shimajiri Group
Shizato Formation
Chinen Formation
Urabu formation
Sand dune deposit
Pleistocene (2.58- 0.01Ma)
Ryukyu Group
Ryukyu limestone
Minatogawa Formation
Naha Formation
Unit 4
Subunit 4R
Unit 3
Subunit 3R
Subunit 3C
Unit 2
Subunit 2R
Subunit 2C
Unit 1
Subunit 1R
Itoman Formation
Kourijima Formation
Unit 4
Unit 3
Unit 2
Unit 1
Sobe Formation
Unit 5
Unit 4
Unit 3
Unit 2
Unit 1
Yokatsu Formation
Uchihana formation
Nakaoji formation
MY-Unit 1
MY-Unit 2
MY-Unit 3
MY-Unit 4
MY-Unit 5
Ohama Formation
Pumera Clay Formation
Yonaguni formation
Daito Formation
Unit 3
Unit 2
Unit 2b
Unit 2a
Unit 1
Holocene (0.01-0 Ma)
Iribishi limestone
Kaigunbo Formation
Investigation in progress
Omoto granite
Sonai formation
Old sand dune deposit
Kerama Formation