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List of geological units in Nagasaki prefecture

A list of stratigraphic units, igneous bodies, and geological structures reported from Nagasaki prefecture, Kyushu region, Kyushu island, Japan.

Photographs of geological units in Nagasaki prefecture

Nishisonogi metamorphic rocks
Cretaceous (145.0-66.0 Ma)
Mitsuze formation
Tanoshima contact metamorphic rocks
Tachi formation
Koga formation
Kirimiya formation
Koyagi formation
Akasaki group
Kitaura formation
Eocene (56.0-39.0 Ma)
Iojima group
Okinoshima formation
Saburashi formation
Sakasegawa formation
Takashima group
Terashima group
Isahaya group
Enoura formation
Keya formation
Yagami group
Iojima group
Kawasaki member
Senjojiki member
Taishu Group
Upper formation
Middle formation
Lower formation
Tsuwa Sand Body
Goneo Sand Body
Kazikasone Sand Body
Kawachi Sand Body
Sagokitazato Sand Body
Oligocene (39.0-23.03 Ma)
Kishima group
Haraake formation
Kihara formation
Zoshuku formation
Iojima group
Lower Iojima formation
Matsushima group
Ichigoshima formation
Sakito formation
Kase formation
Katsumoto formation
Yamaguchi formation
Araikiri formation
Hirakoba formation
Indoji formation
Miocene (23.03-5.33 Ma)
Sasebo group
Ainoura formation (Ainoura group)
Tajimadake subformation
Kashimae subformation
Hino member
Ishidake member
Amakata subformation
Udogoe member
Konpiradake member
Masaru fossil zone
Konpira member
Fukui formation
Hongaura tuff bed
Sechibaru formation
Matsuura-sanjaku formation
Nakazato formation
Yunoki formation
Uchiyama granite
Iojima group
Upper Iojima formation
Nishisonogi group
Nakato formation (Higiri? formation)
Shioda formation
Yurigadake formation
Tokuman formation
Maze formation
Nanatsugama formation
Nagayo group
Hirakoba formation
Kawahira diorite
Goto group
Nojima group
Fukatsuki formation
Oya formation
Goto granites
Nishiurakami propylite
Hirado group
Tabira formation
Fukue welded tuff bed
Hachinokubo formation
Matsuura basalts
Pliocene (5.33-2.58 Ma)
Zencho formation
Kogakura formation
Iki formation
Chojabaru formation
Hidake basalt
Fukuejima basalts
Hayasaki basalt
Mogi formation (Mogi plant fossil bed)
Kikitsu plant fossil bed
Nanryuzaki formation
Pleistocene (2.58- 0.01Ma)
Ebishima Limestone
Hirayama formation
Nagasaki volcanic rocks
Shimonokama shell bed
Kuchinotsu group
Kitaarima formation
Tsubami shell bed
Oya formation
Aso welded tuff bed
Oe formation
Oe shell bed
Minamikushiyama formation
Tatsuishi formation (Unzen lahar deposit)
Taradake volcanic rocks
Taradake lava
Tsukushi volcanic rocks (Tsukushi lava)
Fujitsu formation
Nagasaki volcanic rocks
Shihara formation
Minamishimabara volcanic rocks
Obama formation
Arita rhyolites
Holocene (0.01-0 Ma)
Unzen volcano
Shinyake lava
Furuyake lava
Unzen 1993 Lahar Deposit
Dejima shell bed
Investigation in progress
Wakimisaki formation
Kikitsu coal bed
Kaizu formation
Hashima coal bed
Goma-goshaku formation
Uehasshaku? formation
Unzen volcano
Fugendakekitei lava
Fugendake lava
Fugendakeshu lava
Mayuyama lava
Senbongi lahar deposit
Ionayama volcanic rocks
Unzenkitei tuff breccia
Mayuyama debris flow deposit
Shichimenzen lava
Mayuyama tuff breccia
Iwamatsu basalts
Hokusho basalts
Saikai tuff breccia
Omodaka formation
Nagura basalt
Segawa basalts
Myojonobana andesites
Higashimen formation
Betsuto formation
Hayama basalts
Shindenyonshaku formation
Tsukumojima group
Danjo welded tuff bed
Nakadori-A formation
Nakadori-B formation
Shiratake quartz porphyry
Geological structures
Chijiiwa fault
Hino fault
Yumihari fault
Kunimi fault
Nagahama fault
Sazagawa fault
Amadake? fault
Ojikajima volcanoes