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List of geological units in Mie prefecture

A list of stratigraphic units, igneous bodies, and geological structures reported from Mie prefecture, Tokai region, Honshu island, Japan.

Photographs of geological units in Mie prefecture

Permian (298.9-252.17 Ma)
Kurosegawa Belt
Toba Group
Okawara formation
Triassic (252.17-201.3 Ma)
Aso Limestone
Triassic - Jurassic
Kurosegawa Belt
Toya Group
Jurassic (201.3-145.0 Ma)
Nothern Chichibu Belt
Kochi Complex
Osakatoge Complex
Shiraki Group
Compex Ia
Compex Ib
Compex Ic
Compex Id
Southern Chichibu Belt
Imaura Group
Torinosu Limestone
Tsuiji Group
Wasabidani Complex
Inumodorikyo Complex
Nomata Belt
KUwanokidani Belt
Compex III
Mino belt (Chichibu belt)
Fujiwara formation
Shirase block
Fujiwara limestone
Kurakaketoge formation
Kurosegawa Belt
Shiranezaki Formation
Aonomine Group
Nansei Group
Ryusenzan Group
Ryoke metamorphic rocks
Sanbagawa metamorphic rocks
Mikabu green stones
Miyagawa formation
Shimanto belt
Northern Shimanto belt
Matoya group (Matoya formation)
Southern Shimanto belt
Cretaceous (145.0-66.0 Ma)
Kurosegawa Belt
Matsuo Group (Ryoseki group)
Older Ryoke granitoids
Joryu Tonalite
Hatai Tonalite
Younger Ryoke granitoids
Ao Granite
Kabuto Granodiorite (Younger?)
Yagyu Granite (Younger?)
Higashimuro group
Miocene (23.03-5.33 Ma)
Muro Pyroclastic Flow Deposit
Suzuka group
Upper formation
Ishiyama formation
Himetani formation
Middle formation
Hagiwara formation
Kannonyama formation
Fudesute formation
Jinmu formation
Kajigasaka formation
Itaya formation
Mukai facies
Lower formation
Ozomaike facies
Hitotsuya formation
Abutani formation
Ichishi Group
Katada Formation
Yakuoji Siltstone and Sandstone Member
Chaya Sandstone and Mudstone Member
Oi Formation
Mitsugano Shale and Sandstone Member
Kamimitsugano facies
Kitanagano facies
Isegi Sandstone and Mudstone Member
Higashiaoyama facies
Ochiai facies
Haze Formation
Iu formation
Furutaike formation
Yaoroshi formation
Higashiaoyama facies
Ochiai facies
Ieki Formation
Chigusa formation
Yamagasu Group
Taroo Formation
Shioi Formation
Kumano caldera
Kumano Acidic Rocks
Kumano Granite Porphyry
North unit
South unit
Fudodani Granite
Owase-Shirahama Pyroclastic Rocks
Konogi Rhyolite
Kumano Group
Koguchi Formation
Onuma Formation
Owase Group
Semotohana Formation
Ikunoura Formation
Osone Formation
Miyai group
Shiko formation
Okawachi formation
Matsuo formation
Hatemata formation
Awa formation
Soni Formation
Takegi dikes
Miyanotani composite dike
Takakura formation
Pliocene (5.33-2.58 Ma)
Tokai Group (Age Group)
Kuragari formation
Tagirigawa formation
Rokkoku formation
Ichinohara formation
Otsuji formation
Kono formation
Biroku formation
Kusuhara Formation
Sagyodani Formation
Oyama Formation
Matsusaka Formation
Oyama formation
Tenkaji formation (Tengeji formation)
Kazahaya formation
Takegahara formation
Washiyama formation
Torito formation?
Yochi formation
Yunoyama formation
Chayanoue formation
Biroku tuff bed
Ichinohara tuff bed
Ninose tuff bed
Bando tuff bed
Bando-I tuff bed
Bando-II tuff bed
Kpm tuff bed
Kobiwako Group
Ayama Formation
Iga Formation
Ueno Formation
Tokai Group (Age Group)
Kameyama Formation
Oizumi formation
Imai formation
Pumice tuff bed
Sakuradani tuff bed
Pleistocene (2.58- 0.01Ma)
Tokai Group (Age Group)
Komeno formation
Kawara tuff bed
Sakuramura Formation
Tozenji formation
Kentoyama formation
Omitsu formation (Hirogano formation?)
Rengeji formation
Hano formation
Morotoyama formation
Akogi formation
Komori formation
Kareigawa formation
Isaka formation
Ugawara formation
Mitachi shell bed
Daiichi formation
Gorintoge formation
Maenoheta formation?
Akeno formation
Nakagawa formation
Taraji formation
Hisai formation
Takachaya formation
Sakishima group
Kononbe formation
Karayama formation
Ama formation
Atsuta formation
Holocene (0.01-0 Ma)
Nanyo formation
Investigation in progress
Koto rhyolites
Hatasho quartz porphyry
Nishikata formation
Kanbe formation
Tanaka formation
Furonotani formation
Konagao formation
Nakataro formation
Igami formation
Aso group
Taketo formation
Kaiwara welded tuff bed
Hattorigawa-I tuff bed
Hattorigawa-II tuff bed
Kenshoji tuff bed
a tuff bed
b tuff bed
c tuff bed
Toge tuff bed
Maeyama tuff bed (Akogi tuff bed)
Geological structures
Butsuzo tectonic line
Median tectonic line
Arashima-Gokasho tectonic line
Ichishi fault
Yoro fault
Iga fault
Haze fault
Hakumaijo fault
Kamishima fault
Kizukawa fault
Hagiwara anticline
Kuwana anticline
Tado anticline