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Arakawa Mine

Kyowa-Arakawa, Daisen city, Akita pref., Japan

This locality is closed to collecting.


Moderate-T hydrothermal deposit

Moderate temperature hydrothermal deposit in mudstone, acidic pyroclastic rocks and dolerite of middle Miocene (17.4 - 12.3 Ma) Kitanomatasawa Formation. Ages of sedimetary rocks were determined by microfossils, and plutonic rocks by K-Ar radiometric dating of biotite.

Arakawa Mine

A sightseeing pit mouth is at the left of this photograph. The flat space in front of the pit mouth is a remain of hand picking concentrator. The building at the right is a remain of flotation concentrator.

Reported Minerals

Mineral Assemblages

  • Quartz(Gangue) - Chamosite - Chalcopyrite - Sphalerite

Details of the mine

Cu was mainly mined. This mine is used as sightseeing spot.


  • 1700: The deposit was discovered.
  • 1738 - 1743: The deposit was mined by Satake local government.
  • 1872: Nagamoto Mononobe started to mine the deposit, and several owners kept mining the deposit afterwards.
  • 1940: The mine was closed.
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